U.S. Pain Foundation prides itself on being transparent. As an organization made up of people with pain, we know how important it is that our funding directly impacts the pain community. We make a conscious effort to ensure that our mission, message and work make a significant difference.

By being as transparent as possible, we hope we inspire your trust in our organization. U.S. Pain holds itself to the highest standard: our main goal is to be a beacon of support, information and help to those suffering. We are cognizant of how we spend in order to create the most good. Every action we take is with pain warriors in mind. We are here to serve and be of benefit to the 100 million Americans living with pain and chronic medical conditions.

To learn how U.S. Pain Foundation allots its funds, simply view our past 990 Tax Return. We welcome you to email us if you ever have any questions about what we do or how we utilize our funding.

2014 990 Tax Return – U.S. Pain Foundation


Corporate Members

U.S. Pain Foundation would like to thank our corporate sponsors for supporting the needs of people with pain.

Private Donors

U.S. Pain Foundation is extremely appreciative of every donation made to the organization. Thank you for recognizing the the challenges those with pain regularly endure, and supporting our efforts to help people with pain. 

2015 – Private Donation List

Charitable Standings

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