Support Groups

U.S. Pain Foundation believes support groups for people with pain and caregivers are important. Whether taking care of a loved one or dealing with pain, we all need to know we are not alone and others are here to help.

Each of us can benefit from learning new tools to manage not only pain, but also our emotions. We find coming together empowers the pain community. Together, we gain strength, insight and support.

It is our goal to have U.S. Pain Foundation-sponsored support groups in locations nationwide in 2016. As these locations are created, we will update this page. To learn about current support group locations, please email:

More Support

Online Support Groups
These are just a few of the many online support groups that exist for those living with pain. If you have a suggestion of more groups to add, or if you would like your online support group listed, please email:

Heroes of Healing

U.S. Pain Foundation is proud to collaborate with myHealthTeams. We encourage you to view these condition-specific support groups for more information, hope, community and empowerment. 

Mobile App 
Ouchie is the mobile solution for pain management help and support.

Support Groups by State
Here is a state-by-state list of other support groups U.S. Pain recommends. If you have a suggestion of another group to add to this list, or if you would like to have your local support group listed, please email: