Awareness Programs

U.S. Pain Foundation’s flagship program, the Invisible Project, creates chronic pain awareness through the stories and photographs of real people living with pain.
The definition of an Ambassador comes in many variations, much like that of pain. The Pain Ambassador Network was designed to create chronic pain awareness, generate change within the medical community and empower those afflicted with pain.

In 2001, a coalition of groups and organizations established September as National Pain Awareness Month. The goal was to increase awareness about the effects of pain and to educate citizens about the advanced treatment options available to help alleviate pain.

Pain Warrior Bracelet: Another easy fundraiser and chronic pain awareness campaign would be having your school or local teams wear the U.S. Pain Warrior bracelets. For a set price, you could wear the colorful bracelet to raise chronic pain awareness.
Advocacy Network: Our advocacy program is tailored to our community, which means we completely understand if you have limited time and energy. We’re delighted with however much time you can give—even if it’s just five minutes a week! We work hard to ensure your volunteer experience is as positive, fun, and rewarding as possible.

U.S. Pain Foundation is proud to launch, People with Pain Matter, a new campaign geared toward uniting all pain allies together with one resound message: people with pain matter and need options to all treatment modalities, and not labels.
Medical Cannabis Program: U.S. Pain supports all avenues for individuals to obtain pain relief. Without effective pain management, many living with pain lose hope as well as a sense of meaning. It is therefore the mission of the foundation to share credible information with you that is solely directed at improving pain management.