U.S. Pain Foundation understands the challenges and struggles those with pain endure. An organization created by people with pain for people with pain, we recognize and validate the 100 million Americans who courageously battle pain every day.

While we may not all have the same diagnosis or disability, our physical suffering and emotional heartache is universal. Each of us bears the same frustration and despair, just as each one of us possesses the same internal strength and desire to find answers.

It is the goal of U.S. Pain Foundation to become the leading source of support and hope to those living with pain and their caregivers. To do this, we offer positive programs that empower, educate and inspire while offering our members a complete transparent view of spending and funding.

Our Programs:

  • INvisible Project
    • The mission of the INvisible Project campaign is to create chronic pain awareness through the photographs and stories of chronic pain persons.
  • Triumph Over Pain Walks
    • Triumph Over Pain walks benefit the pain community by raising awareness. It is our intention to honor those with pain while uniting the pain community.
  • Pain Warrior Bracelet
    • U.S. Pain Foundation views the Pain Warrior bracelet as a way to unite, strengthen and encourage the pain community to keep fighting for proper care. It is composed of various bright colors to symbolize all the diseases pain affects.
  • Heroes of Healing
    • A non-judgmental, forum-based website for caregivers and those with pain to come together to share personal stories of struggle, perseverance and triumph.
  • Support Groups
    • U.S. Pain-based support groups are designed to empower those with pain. It is our hope that by connecting with others and working through difficult emotions, those with pain find comfort and meaning in life again as well as possibly being able to lower the dosage of some medications.
  • Education
    • U.S. Pain Foundation sponsors various educational events throughout the year to inform the pain community while connecting patients and caregivers together for a stronger local support system
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • U.S. Pain Foundation offers different volunteer opportunities for those who want to make a difference in the pain community.
    • U.S. Pain Foundation Ambassadors are individuals committed to creating pain awareness and generating change within the medical community.
  • Advocacy Efforts
    • U.S. Pain Foundation encourages everyone to become involved in advocacy. Advocacy efforts, to us, can be spearheading a campaign to create more awareness regarding pain-related issues or taking a stand on a national or state-level platform for access to proper care.
  • Informative Resources

    • It is part of our mission to share information that may help 100 million Americans living with pain find answers and relief.
    • To stay connected, share resources and provide inspiration, U.S. Pain Foundation puts out an eNewsletter.
  • Pediatric Pain Program

For more information regarding the founding of U.S. Pain Foundation, please click here.


Take the US Pain Foundation 30 Day Challenge - (Click for pdf) -

The US Pain Foundation 30 Day Challenge is a fun way to be active and beneficial within the pain community.

The goal is to complete as many of these challenges as possible, raising awareness and advocating for those who cannot.


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